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Deck for Above Ground Pools
Deck for Above Ground Pool

Deck for Oval Pool


This project was a new deck addition to connect the existing rear deck to an oval 18' wide  x 34' long  above ground pool with 52" Deep,  The Owners Idea was to build a new deck with 2 resting areas 12' x 16' at both side of the pool with a 8'  x 16'  privacy lattices walls for each side, a utility walkway 2'-6"  facing the backside of the deck for cleaning purposes then finally 6'  walkway to connect the new deck to existing deck an 8' railing section of this deck was removed to built one step down to reach the new deck.


Place     : Athens GA.

Finished:  July 26, 2012


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Screen Porch 14' x 16' with Shade Roof
Are your stairs old or simply need to be replaced? Here we have a rebuilding of front door steps, this is a simple and easy way to boost your home's comfort.